Quixadá is a municipality in the state of Ceara in Brazil.

Quixadá is located in the Central of Ceará state . One of its most striking features are rock formations, the monoliths, in various formats that "break" the apparent monotony of the landscape sertaneja. It is also known as the land of adventure sports.

Although little explored, the city has great tourism potential, especially for ecotourism due to the beauty of its landscapes, in addition to extreme sports such as hang gliding (paragliding and hang gliding), off-road, trekking, orienteering, climbing and abseiling. 

Dam Cedar - Stone the hatcher - Sanctuary Mrs. Immaculate Queen of the sertão - Chalet Stone - Lake of the Monoliths - Urucu hill - Stone Cross -Estevão Hill - Shove Trail - Trail Eye Water - Boqueirão Trail - Trail Head Giant, and a lot of adventure sports.

Area 2019.816 kilometers ² 
Total Population 80,447. est. IBGE/2009 [2] 
Metro população_metro ((())) sq. est. IBGE/2009 [2] 
Density 37.5 inhabitants / km ² 
Altitude 189 m 
Semi-arid climate 
Time Zone UTC-3 

Source: Wikipedia
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